How Often Should You Wash Your Car? [2022 Complete Guide]

How Often Should You Wash Your Car

Washing one’s car usually varies from one person to another. Whether one keeps their vehicle inside a garage or outside, the kind of dust and grime that the vehicle is subjected to as well as regularity of use, these are some of the different conditions that often determine how often you need to wash your car.

While some people make it a habit to wash their car daily or get someone to do it for them, others often wait a few days till it becomes really dirty and then get it over with a car wash.

If you are wondering how often should you wash your car, this guide has the answer. I will enlighten you on everything that you have to know about washing your car, all your questions will be answered below.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car

Why wash your car is important?

The reason why you need to wash your car should be self evident. When you take your vehicle out on the road you will find that your car will develop a fine layer of dust on the body if not grime and other kinds of splashes that it suffers. This depends on the kind of roads you drive. It also depends on the kind of weather you live in. For those who live in tropical or dry and hot areas usually find that their vehicle becomes dirty very easily.

As everyone likes to keep their home clean so it is with your vehicle. Who would want to drive out on a brand new day, dressed for work and have to drive with a dirty vehicle? For such reasons, most car owners make it a habit to either wash or clean their car with a dry cloth or dusting tool that helps to take the loose dirt off the vehicle.

However, often there are wet mud splashes on roadsides or other kinds of dirt that does not come off when you simply dust it off. For such reasons you need to clean your car with a wet cloth or wash it off.

Washing a car’s exterior makes it easy to take off mud, dust and pollen which usually get caked on the exterior of a car. Car owners need to wash their car daily to make it easier to clean off the dirt from its surface as well as maintaining the appearance of the vehicle. It helps to keep up the face value of the vehicle by protecting the trade in or resale value.

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How often should you wash your car?

Those who are into auto detailing and have car expertise usually recommend that cars be washed at least once a week. This helps to prevent contaminants from damaging the paint of the vehicle as well as the finish that is usually added to the exterior surface. For those who need to get someone to do it might find it expensive, but there are several commercial car washes that offer car wash deals that come affordable for monthly washes.

There are several factors that will determine how frequently you need to wash your car:


This is a factor that determines the amount of dust that will accumulate on your vehicle. For those who live in urban or industrial areas or where there are less trees and weather is dry, usually have more dust accumulated when vehicles drive down such areas or roads.

Distance and frequency of drives

This is also important which determines how dirty your car or vehicle can get. If you drive long distances and take it out for several rides during the day or night, chances are that you need to wash it two to three times in a week.


The kind of weather exposure your car suffers will also determine how often you need to clean or wash your vehicle.


The kind of storage space you use in your vehicle would also determine how quickly it gathers dust or dirt. For instance, if you keep it open by dusty roads or under the trees it is likely to need cleaning more frequently than if you keep it in a closed garage space.

Bird Droppings, Insects and Mud

These are some instances when you need to get your car or vehicle cleaned promptly. Certain tree sap droppings or bug splatters could be corrosive for your car paint. The same works in mud that might become hardened against your car paint if you allow it to dry. It is best to clean off your vehicle promptly or frequently when such droppings or splashes are found on your vehicle.

How often should I wash my car?

The frequency of needing to wash a car will depend on the factors that are mentioned above. It is recommended that you look at the way your car has been affected, especially if you have driven a long road or taken your car out for several trips. If you notice bird or tree sap droppings on your vehicle or mud that was splashed on your car you need to get it washed off fast.

Those who pride themselves on having a clean and shining car to drive every day, usually take the pain of cleaning it regularly. This is also something that car experts would recommend as it will help to keep a car’s upkeep more regularly and this will also ensure that a car looks well maintained and less its age over time.

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Tips for washing your car

When you realize that washing your car daily or at least two or three times a week is good and needs to be done by you, here are some ways you can reduce the elaborate task of washing your car:

  • Check to see the overall condition of your car. If it is only dry dust that has accumulated, simply dust it off that day and need not opt to wash it.
  • If you are doing it once a week or find that your car is really dirty, use a water hose to reduce the time of throwing water on it. If there is stiff or dry mud and other splashes that need to be scrubbed away, use a car shampoo on the vehicle first. This will help to loosen such dirt or mud particles and make it easier to scrape them off.
  • If there are less of marks or tough dirt on your vehicle, you can simply wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Or else, you could only use a damp cloth instead of hosing your vehicle as this leads to a lot of water that needs to be wiped off.
  • If you can afford it, get a monthly car wash deal at the nearest car wash. Get your vehicle over to it every week and simply wipe off the loose dirt off your vehicle on other days to keep your vehicle looking as good as new on most days.
  • If you plan to clean your car every day or have several cars to clean, assign the task to different members of the family. As everyone uses the vehicles, they can take turns to clean the cars on certain days of the week.

In general, if a car is not too dirty, simply dusting it off helps. In other cases, one could use a damp cloth to clean off the vehicle which should not take too long, even if one owns an SUV. If the car is dirty, one should set aside an hour to clean it when they are hosing it down. This requires the water to be wiped off in two successive ways. Once the excess water needs to be cleaned off and then a dry cloth should be used to wipe off the water stains that remain.

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The above points showcase the factors that influence how your car gets dirty and how you can easily keep it clean yourself.

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